Spotted Lanternfly: What You Need to Know

The spotted lanternfly, an invasive species native to Asia, feeds on 70+ plants, including timber and agricultural products, causing substantial economic damage across the state and mid-Atlantic.

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Are These Invasive Plants in Your Yard?

Invasive plants are common in Allegheny County and outcompete native species, reducing diversity and harming ecosystems. Learn to spot these invasive shrubs in your own yard.

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It's Winter: Critters Take Cover

What happens to fish and other aquatic organisms during winter? These creatures have come up with several adjustments to meet the challenges of cold weather.

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Do Fish a Favor: Stop Salting Your Sidewalks

While rock salt reduces winter road accidents, it also has serious, negative effects on aquatic ecosystems. At high concentrations, salt can be fatal to some aquatic animals.

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How Fish are Making a Comeback in Montour Run

Montour Run has long been identified as having impaired water quality. Organizations have been working to improve this watershed for over 20 years. Read the latest on conditions in the watershed.

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Understanding Vernal Pools

Each year, spring rain and snow melt fill up seasonal or vernal pools. These pools provide a unique habitat for many salamanders, frogs, crustaceans and insects to mate and lay their eggs. Although most of the pools will be dried up and gone by mid-summer, their protected waters and the surrounding

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