Farmland Preservation

Preserving Farmland for the Future

Farmland Preservation is a statewide program that works with farmers to place permanent conservation easements on farmland, ensuring the protection of agricultural land for generations to come. ACCD manages this cooperative program on behalf of Allegheny County. 

Since 2002, this program has leveraged over $24 million in state funds for the purchase of conservation easements and preserved over 4,000 acres of farmland across 40 farms in Allegheny County. Preserved acreage in Allegheny County is now larger than North Park and Boyce Park combined.  

Preserved farmland guarantees a future food supply by ensuring agricultural land will not be developed. Additionally, the program protects pastoral landscapes that are a part of Pennsylvania’s history. This program preserves land for future generations of farmers to work and sustain.  

ACCD's Impact

The program is part of Pennsylvania’s nation-leading Farmland Preservation Program. Across the state, over 500,000 acres have been protected.  

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Agriculture is the largest industry in Pennsylvania, but people are surprised to learn that Allegheny County remains home to many active farms. Each of these operations is a key part of our environment and our community. The Allegheny County Agricultural Land Preservation Program helps ensure local agriculture will continue for generations to come.  

Tom Headley, Agricultural Land Preservation Board Chair

Agricultural Lands Preservation Board

Thomas Headley, Chairman 
Janet Craig 
Anthony Saveikis 
Thomas Weaver 
Dan Dalton
Al Opsitnick, Esquire
Program Administrator: 
Madeleine Sheinfeld

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