Agriculture Conservation Assistance Program

Agriculture Conservation Assistance Program

The Agriculture Conservation Assistance program (ACAP) awards grants to Pennsylvania farmers to install best management practices (BMPs) on their farms that reduce pollution from entering streams and waterways.

The program is an opportunity for farmers to install soil and water conservation practices that have shared environmental and farm management goals. ACCD is excited to offer this grant opportunity for farmers in Allegheny County.

Program Origins

The Agriculture Conservation Assistance Program (ACAP) was created through the Clean Streams Fund to reduce non-point source pollution in the streams and surface waters of the Commonwealth. The State Conservation Commission is providing funding to many Pennsylvania Conservation Districts. Funding levels for each county were determined by the following factors: 

  1. Number of agriculturally impaired streams 
  2. Number of cropland acres 
  3. Number of farms 
  4. Number of livestock and poultry operations 
  5. Other criteria developed by the State Conservation Commission 

Project Examples

Find select examples of Best Management Practices (BMPs) funded through ACAP below. Click here for a complete list of over 50 eligible BMPs. Practices should address resource concerns and reduce sediment pollution or eliminate and treat phosphorus runoff. 
Benefits include improving soil health and holding soil in place to prevent sediment from leaving fields.
A great fit for wet pastures where springs create unsafe conditions for animals in addition to providing a drinking water source.
A method to treat wastewater and contaminated runoff to improve water quality.

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