Chapter 105

Chapter 105

Chapter 105 requires persons proposing obstructions or encroachments to streams, their 100-year floodways, wetlands or other bodies of water, to first obtain a written permit. Obstructions and encroachments are structures or activities that change the course, current or cross-section of streams, 100-year floodways, wetlands or other bodies of water. Delegated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, ACCD reviews and issues General Permits GP-1 through GP-9 under the Chapter 105 Dam Safety and Waterway Management program. Chapter 105 General permits require a reviewed and approved E&S plan per permit conditions and 105.13(e).

  1. Chapter 105 Permit Registration Form 
  2. PNDI Review Receipt 
  3. Pertinent attachments listed in ‘Section D. Registration Checklist and Requirements’ of the Chapter 105 General Permit Registration form 
  4. Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Plan (Note: separate plan not required if 105 permit is included in NPDES permit boundary) 
Chapter 105 permit fees include a nonrefundable payment to ACCD Clean Water Fund based on General Permit number. Fees are assessed per crossing. 
General Permit Fee
GP-1 $50
GP-2 $175
GP-3 $250
GP-4 $200
GP-5 $250
GP-6 $50
GP-7 $350
GP-8 $175
GP-9 $50

E&S plan review fees for Chapter 105 permitted projects are based on disturbed acreage: 
  • 00.0 – 0.49 acres, $200.00 ($600.00 expedited) 
  • 00.5 – 0.99 acres, $400.00  ($1,200.00 expedited) 

Submit an Application

Please use form below to submit Chapter 105 permits for review. 

Submission Instructions: 
  • Compress permit documents before uploading.
  • Upload separate PDF files by document type. Pease do not upload a single long PDF document.
  • ACCD strongly prefers payments made online.

    Checks can be mailed normal USPS once applicants have uploaded permit documents and received permit fees via online form. 

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Get Assistance with Permits

Get in touch with ACCD about submitting, uploading and applying for Chapter 102 and Chapter 105 permits.