Livestock Compliance and Regulations

Responsible Livestock Management for Clean Water

In partnership with ACCD, farms adopt practices to safely manage animal waste. This protects water quality and provides a healthy environment for livestock in Allegheny County. 

All farmers in Pennsylvania that use or produce manure are required to have either a Chapter 91 Manure Management Plan or a more in-depth Act 38 Nutrient Management Plan. These two programs prevent nutrient pollution, specifically nitrogen and phosphorus, from entering into streams, lakes, ponds and groundwater. 

ACCD's Impact


ACCD assists local farmers by: 

  • Providing Manure Management Plan writing assistance, annual Nutrient Management Plan inspections and Nutrient Management Plan review for livestock owners. 
  • Responding to manure and livestock related complaints 
  • Connecting livestock owners to funding opportunities and local agency resources 
  • Helping farmers and landowners with responsible animal management across the county, covering over 325 acres of land 
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