Corrective Action Plan

Corrective Action Plan (CAP)

Corrective action plans (CAPs) are a tool created by PA DEP in 2019 to allow the regulated community to come into compliance with regulatory or permitting requirements. 

A CAP may be requested for an expired or expiring site where violations exist that need design or planning beyond what was originally designed and submitted for the original permit. Often, the need for CAPs arises for expired or expiring permits where issues arise with post construction stormwater management. 
ACCD will initially assess a retainer fee at 25 percent of the original permit fee, including any expedited review fee. After the CAP is completed, ACCD will charge applicants the amount of $125 an hour for work completed. Processing CAPs includes, but is not limited to administrative time, review time and field inspection time. Depending on the scope of necessary work, any remaining funds will be returned, or additional fees will be invoiced. 

Submit an Application

Please use the form below to submit a Corrective Action Plan. 

Submission Instructions: 

  • Compress permit documents before uploading.
  • Upload separate PDF files by document type. Pease do not upload a single long PDF document.
  • ACCD strongly prefers payments made online.

    Checks can be mailed normal USPS once applicants have uploaded permit documents and received permit fees via online form. 


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