Chapter 105: Dam Safety & Waterway Management

Fee Schedule Update

At the recommendation of the Allegheny County Conservation District Board of Directors, the following document outlines updates to select permit fees per the delegated authority from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection under Chapter 102. The new fee schedule updates go into effect on October 1, 2024, after a 90-day announcement period. 

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Protecting Allegheny County's Waterbodies

The Chapter 105 Program exists to ensure waterways are protected. Allegheny County has over 2,000 miles of streams, which are a part of the region's beauty, history and economy. Keeping waterways healthy is good for the region. It reduces water treatment costs, minimizes damage to infrastructure, provides recreational opportunity, and maintains aquatic ecosystems.   

ACCD has regulatory authority through an agreement with PA Department of Environmental Protection to operate the Dam Safety and Waterway Management in Allegheny County (Chapter 105). This program regulates any object built in or adjacent to a stream, floodway, wetland or other waterbody. These may include bridges, culverts, stream enclosures, wetland fills, utility lines, stream relocation, streambank stabilization, stream restorations, wetland restorations, temporary road crossings, permanent road crossings, and docks.

ACCD's Impact


In the last five years, ACCD has protected streams and rivers by:

  • Approving over 1,100 permits
  • Performing over 285 site inspections
  • Investigating complaints across 5,600 acres 
This program ensures activities, stream obstructions and encroachments are compliant with state law. 

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