Chapter 102 requires written E&S Plans for activities that disturb 5,000 square feet. Reviewed and approved E&S plans are required for 105 permitted activities. Many municipalities in Allegheny County require reviewed and approved E&S plans under local ordinances.

  1. Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Plan 
  2. E&S Module 1 OR A project narrative meeting requirements of 102.4 Erosion and Sediment Control Requirements 
A flat non-refundable review fee of $1,900 is assessed for non-NPDES E&S plan reviews. Expedited E&S plan reviews are $5,700.  

Payments made online through MuniciPAY (a secure site for credit card or e-check transactions) are preferred. However a SINGLE paper check, payable to Allegheny County Conservation District, is an option. Please send a check via USPS regular mail and enclose a transmittal or note as to what project the check is for.

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In partnership with municipalities of Allegheny County, the Non-NPDES Program protects water quality by promoting the reduction of stream pollution on small scale projects.

Please use the form below to submit non-NPDES E&S plans for review.

Submission Instructions: 

  • Compress permit documents before uploading.
  • Upload separate PDF files by document type. Pease do not upload a single long PDF document.
  • ACCD strongly prefers payments made online.

    Checks can be mailed normal USPS once applicants have uploaded permit documents and received permit fees via online form. 

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