What is Envirothon?

Envirothon is a fun academic event for Allegheny County high school students. 

This countywide event challenges students to think critically about the natural world and their roles in it. Envirothon combines in-class curriculum and outdoor training, helping students learn more about aquatic ecology, forestry, soil and land use, wildlife and current environmental issues. Exposure to nature and human impact on the natural world provide invaluable lessons for understanding the environment.

Why Envirothon? 

  • Participating students often pursue further education in environmental fields. 
  • Many Envirothon advisors credit the event with increasing student interest and involvement in environmental sciences.
  • Competition day offers the opportunity to boost resumes and network with environmental professionals.
  • Winning students receive scholarships for their academic pursuits following graduation. 

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Your donations will contribute to the Envirothon Scholarship Fund for winning students.

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