NPDES Renewal

NPDES Renewal

Issued General NPDES Permits are valid until December 7, 2024. Individual Permits are valid for 5 years from the issued date. If more time is necessary to complete the project through stabilization and submission of a Notice of Termination, permittees are required to renew the permit before the permit expires. Permit renewal applications should be submitted 180 days before the expiration date. Please note a renewal is appropriate when no changes have been made to the approved E&S or PCSM drawings. If changes are proposed, a Minor or Major Amendment is likely needed.

General Permits that expire on 12/7/2024 are not yet able to renew. Please wait for further instructions from ACCD/DEP.  

Please carefully read Table 1 of the PAG-02 NOI Checklist. A renewal application for a NPDES permit that does not include any proposed changes must include: 

  • Updated NOI, complete these sections: General Information, Applicant Information, Eligibility Information, Compliance History and the Certification for PAG-02  
  • Letter from Permittee specifying that the previously approved E&S and PCSM Plans have not changed 
  • Description of work completed and still remaining under the permit, and verification that the permittee remains eligible for coverage under the General Permit (if applicable) 

A submission for renewing a NPDES construction stormwater permit should be submitted at least 180 days prior to the permit expiring.  

A review fee of $500 is assessed for permits submitted greater than 180 days from expiration, and a review fee of $1,500 is assessed for permits submitted less than 180 days from expiration.  

Also, renewals for General NPDES permits require a $500 ACCD CWF fee. Individual NPDES permit renewals require a $1,500 ACCD CWF fee.  

Payments made online through MuniciPAY (a secure site for credit card or e-check transactions) are preferred. However a SINGLE paper check, payable to Allegheny County Conservation District, is an option. Please send a check via USPS regular mail and enclose a transmittal or note as to what project the check is for. 

All fees are nonrefundable. 

Submit an Application

Please use the form below to submit NPDES Renewals. 

Individual NPDES Renewal
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