One Water: 2023 Conservation Poster Contest

ACCD is now accepting submissions for The National Association of Conservation District (NACD) 2023 poster contest. 

The NACD poster contest provides students from kindergarten through 12th grade the chance to have their art displayed as part of a national conservation outreach initiative.

About the Contest: Each year, the winning posters reflect NACD’s annual Stewardship theme and highlight the work of conservation districts and their state conservation associations, auxiliaries and agencies to protect and enhance natural resources. The contest starts at the district level; winners advance to the state level, and then to the national level, where they receive recognition at NACD’s annual meeting.

State winners will receive a cash prize and will be entered into the NACD national contest. 


What is a watershed? A watershed is an area of land that channels rainfall and snowmelt to creeks, streams and rivers, eventually leading to outflow points such as reservoirs, bays, and the ocean. Those bodies of water are all connected, so every drop that falls becomes part of one water.


Students’ submissions are judged in five age categories according to the conservation message, visual effectiveness, originality and universal appeal.

Contest Rules: 

  • Poster size must be 14" x 22" 
  • Clearly print your name and information on the entry from and email one per poster entry. 
  • Theme "Watersheds–One Water" must be on your poster. 
  • Poster must be flat. No 3D objects. 
  • Poster must be created by an individual student. One entry per student. 
  • Poster must be original artwork of the student. 

Contest Categories: 

  • Kindergarten - 1st 
  • 2nd - 3rd
  • 4th - 6th 
  • 7th - 9th*
  • 10th - 12th*

*Digital posters accepted for 7th- 9th and 10th - 12th grades. 

 What Makes a Good Poster? 

  • Colorful posters are best! Use markers, paint, colored pencils, crayons etc. Avoid thin-lined, light-colored artwork. 
  • Paint, hand-drawn or digital posters are accepted. 
  • Balance a combination of illustrations and words. 
  • Text should be large enough to be easily read. Be as neat as possible. 
  • Use colors and white space effectively. 
  • Research the theme as a way to brainstorm ideas. 

Submission Instructions

Posters can be mailed or emailed to ACCD. 
  • Mail Option: Send posters to the ACCD office at 317 East Carson Street, Suite 119, Pittsburgh, PA 15219
  • Email Option: Take a picture of the poster, save as a jpg file and email to Hayly Hoch at 
  • Deadline: Posters must be submitted by June 23, 2023. 
  • Entry Form: Include the following entry form to be considered.
Entry Form