ACCD Awards $56K to Lincoln Borough for Road and Stormwater Improvement

 Press Release 

Photo: The deteriorated road surface leads to sediment runoff, which compromises existing stormwater infrastructure and deposits into nearby waterways. On Carothers Way, unmanaged water and damaged pavement can pose safety risks for residents. 

March 3, 2023

PITTSBURGH – Allegheny County Conservation District (ACCD) awarded $56,580 to Lincoln Borough to repair Carothers Way and reduce stormwater impacts to Wiley Run through the Dirt, Gravel and Low Volume Road (DGLVR) Program.  

Carothers Way’s deteriorated road surface causes stormwater runoff to pollute a tributary to Wiley Run. Additionally, excess sediment from the road surface clogs a nearby inlet and increases flood risks for residents. 

Improvements include installing a swale and underdrain that will discharge to a new inlet to control stormwater and reduce pollution.  

“The road system can have a significant impact on water quality when stormwater runoff causes sediment from unpaved or poorly paved roads to pollute a nearby stream,” said Riley Kinney DGLVR Program Manager. “Each year, this program makes a difference in the community by minimizing erosion, preventing or repairing landslides and ultimately improving the health of streams.” 

ACCD will accept new applications for the DGLVR Program starting March 1, 2023. Municipalities and other government entities are eligible to apply for projects on or around roads that are unpaved or are paved and receive less than 500 cars per day in traffic 

“This program considers the intersection of the built and natural environments and makes roads safer for residents while simultaneously protecting streams, habitats and drinking water. ACCD is privileged to work with municipalities to improve these roads,” Executive Director Heather Manzo said. 

The DGLVR program, administered by ACCD, provides education, technical assistance and funding to improve roads and the landscapes they travel through. Every year, projects are funded that promote cost-effective, environmentally-sound maintenance practices to correct pollution and improve safety.   

About ACCD: Allegheny County Conservation District is an urban conservation district that engages and leads through partnerships, innovation and implementation to conserve, promote and improve Allegheny County’s natural resources.