ACCD Preserves 40th Farm in Allegheny County

ACCD Preserves 40th Farm in Allegheny County
PITTSBURGH (April 11, 2022) – Allegheny County Conservation District (ACCD) and the Allegheny County Agriculture Lands Preservation Board (ACALPB) are proud to announce the preservation of the Dillner Family Farm in West Deer Township.

This 105-acre easement is the 40th farm protected in Allegheny County. Since 2002, ACCD and the ACALPB have preserved over 4,000 acres, ensuring that communities will have access to locally produced vegetables, crops and meats for generations to come. Total preserved farm acreage in Allegheny County is now larger than North Park and Boyce Park combined.

“Family farms operate under difficult and unpredictable conditions, including market shifts, climate change, and development pressures. The Farmland Preservation Program reduces burdens by providing opportunities for farmers to reinvest in and modernize their operations while making a commitment to the future,” said Heather Manzo, ACCD Executive Director.

Communities see the benefits of these investments in more ways than food. Farms provide key conservation habitat for pollinators and other species, and ACCD works with farmers to improve streams and soils, maximizing the ecosystem services these operations offer. Additionally, many farms offer recreational and educational opportunities for local residents.

Dillner Family Farms joins a growing list of community institutions across Allegheny County, including Mischen Meats, Janoski Family Farms and Triple-B, among many others. Each of these farms is a part of the fabric of southwest Pennsylvania, and support from Allegheny County and the PA Department of Agriculture allows this ACCD program to continue.

Recognized by both the Pennsylvania State House and Senate, April 10-16, 2022 has been declared “Conservation District Week” to recognize the accomplishments of the state’s 66 conservation districts.


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