Advocate for your Watershed

April 11, 2022

Learn from a group of experts about the basics of watershed group work, water quality monitoring, interpreting data, running a volunteer event, effectively communicating with the public and how to get involved at the municipal level. You'll get an introduction on each of these topics with the help of the people who know it best.

Volunteers & Effective Communication
Building and maintaining a volunteer base, and understanding how to effectively communicate natural resource issues are essential to improving your watershed. Learn about what is involved in building relationships and messages with the Allegheny County Park Ranger Program and Hollow Oak Land Trust.
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Water Quality Monitoring Basics
For amateurs and experienced citizen scientists alike, learn about what we measure in water and methods for use in your watershed with the Pittsburgh Collaboratory for Water Research, Education and Outreach.
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Telling a Story With Your Data
Testing water samples and generating data is only one part of the stream monitoring process. How do you turn those values into a story you can share with others? Join Dickinson College’s Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring (ALLARM) for a fun, interactive hour that explores the connection between land use, geology, and water quality data. Additionally, through the examination of snazzy statistical summaries and raw data, participants will have the opportunity to look at data from local streams and begin to develop their own conclusions about what data means.
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Local Government & Natural Resource Protection
Regulations and a community’s approach to development and land use affect the quality of our environment. Learn the basics of municipal government and pathways to impact environmentally-focused land use practices with the Penn State Extension Master Watershed Steward Program and 3 Rivers Wet Weather.
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Intro to Streams, Stormwater and Flooding

Learn about the basics of streams, stormwater and the causes of flooding. From natural streams to human impacts, this webinar is an introduction to the connection between the natural environment and human impacts on the landscape.

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Stream Health and Stormwater Series

This introductory webinar series is a seven-part course on the important aspects of stream health and stormwater systems. Sessions build on each other to explain the relationship between human activity and water quality. These webinars also review strategies to improve regional water quality and manage stormwater.

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Public Water System Series

Learn about water at the source, its journey from the tap to the wastewater treatment plant, and how our collective actions impact quality from experts at Allegheny County Sanitary Authority (ALCOSAN) and the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County.

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