Riparian Forests Buffers

Title: ACCD Riparian Forest Buffer Program
Size: 24 Acres
Location: Chartiers Creek, Deer Creek, Douglas Run, Montour Run, Peters Creek, Pine Creek, Turtle Creek, Youghiogheny River
Collaborators: 31 Entities and over 500 volunteers engaged
Trees Planted:: 4,195
Grant Funding: $190,976
The Riparian Area is the strip of vegetation that grows alongside a waterbody.

ACCD has planted over 4,000 trees, shrubs, and live stakes as part of riparian forest buffers throughout the county.  Working with many partners, ACCD was able to implement over 20 acres of riparian forest buffers in eight watersheds throughout the county.

Benefits of Buffers

Sediment, or soil, is the number one pollutant by volume in the United States. Riparian forest buffers reduce sediment in streams by: 

  • Limiting the stormwater runoff that enters streams. 

  • Controlling the rate stormwater runoff gets to the stream. 

  • Holding streambanks in place with roots.  

In addition to reducing stormwater, riparian buffers can also provide a range of other environmental and public benefits such as mitigating flood risks, preserving habitat, providing recreational opportunities, and increasing surrounding property values.

Engagement Through Action

With these grants, ACCD planted over 4,000 trees, shrubs, and live stakes along streams, and engaged with over 500 volunteers during planting events. Volunteers were from County Government, non-profits, municipalities, corporations, universities, various county farms, and individuals. During this work, citizens learned about watersheds, stream dynamics, stormwater, and proper planting techniques for trees and shrubs. Finally, ACCD taught about the benefits of planting trees across the county! 

Funding Provided From: 
  • DCNR Riparian Buffer Grant Program  

  • PACD Riparian Buffer Sub-Grant for Conservation Districts  

  • DEP Water Quality Improvement Program 

  • National Fish and Wildlife Foundation 5-Star Urban Waters Restoration Program 

  • TreeVitalize 

  • DEP Growing Greener

Get Assistance

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