The new way to submit a plan for review!

Welcome to the new Plan Application Wizard! This wizard is designed to replace the ACCD plan review application form that you typically fill out and send in along with your NOI, plans, etc. Simply fill this form out prior to submitting your plan for review. You can print out the email receipt and attach it to the plan submission, or not. Just make sure that the plan/project name on this form matches the DEP Notice of Intent.

We hope that you like the new application process! We've taken the liberty to calculate fees and such for you based on the selections and choices made as you move through the application. In the future, we will transition to user accounts where much of the information needed for application will be automatically populated for you. And, when that day comes, you'll be able to see the all the plans you've submitted and, eventually, see the status of your plan as it moves through our process. Ready to begin? Just select the plan review that you want to apply for and follow the submission steps.

Where's the paper application?

If you're looking for the paper version of our plan review form, simply click on the button below to access the paper applications.

Paper Application

Want to Test Drive the Process?

It's a new toy, we get it! Click below to submit plans without recourse. These entries will be deleted, so we don't recommend submitting anything you really want us to review.

Test Drive Here!